Can there be too much spirituality?  Following are 6 examples of too much spirituality, plus a Zen story about how we often lack control in our lives.

1.  Osho (“You are in prison and you don’t know it” and Rajhneesh  overboard devotees) The Indian Guru Osho transplanted himself to Oregon and was known as Rajhneesh. Worshiping a Guru in excess: How about buying him 93 Rolls Royces over time?  If only ½ of this is true, it is startling:  The Article in Oregon Live 

I have been to his book store in India. (He had written over 90 books, and that may be an understatement). One of the books that Oho wrote is “You Are in Prison And You Think You Are Free”. In the first page of that book someone asks Osho,    “Osho,  George Gurdjieff has said: ‘You are in prison.  If you wish to get out of prison, this first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison.  If you think you are free, you can’t escape.’

“What are the prisons that I call home”?

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Truth or Religion… What hurts more?

The Truth hurts… that is what I was taught!

Not so sure about this anymore?   Just in the last year some startling facts have surfaced regarding organized Religion across the Globe.  Whether CNN, Fox News or your local news station, crazy acts of violence are being documented from East to West.

247791_4787633290690_1294015416_nA group of Secular Free Thinkers created a cyber culture called “Religion Hurts” generating monthly documentaries in the News.  The series of videos are roughly 10 minutes long, display the violence people endure for the sake of “Religious Worship”.  It is painful to hear and know such horrible stories.  To view these tragedies, one after the other, is so evident that we are in dyer need of change.  You make the call…

Here is the latest breaking news regarding Religion around the World:

Does the Truth hurt?  
Or is it peoples reaction toward Religion that may be causing so much suffering in our Global Humanity?
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Women’s Plight Perpetuated by World Religions

From Huffington Post, June 28, 2013

ATLANTA — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says religious leaders, including those in Christianity and Islam, share the blame for mistreatment of women across the world.

The human rights activist said Friday religious authorities perpetuate misguided doctrines of male superiority, from the Catholic Church forbidding women from becoming priests to some African cultures mutilating the genitals of young girls.

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Teaching Killer Whales Compassion- Don’t miss this 15 minute video

From the Spiritual Cinema Circle

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A Peaceful World Awaits You Beyond All Religion

  • Most all religions are based upon a bedrock of lies.
    Moses is based on the Sumerian life and legends of Sargon I, King of Akkad, “set in a basket of rushes and “cast into the river”. Egyptians kept exhausting hieroglyphic records. There is a complete absence of any record of Moses leading over 600,000 men, women and children away from Pharaoh’s army.
    See awesome revelations here:
    Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, was convicted in a court of Law of being an “impostor”, today a fraud, con man, in 1826. He wrote the Book of Mormon soon after.
    See details here
    Question: You decide: Does the text of the verses of the Qur’an correspond exactly to those revealed to Muhammad directly as the words of God, delivered to Muhammad (who married a 6 year old girl) through the angel Gabriel, as claimed? See:
    Christianity was invented by Emperor Constantine , for political purposes, based upon the myth of Mithra, a Persian savior god born on December 25 , son of a virgin. Mithra performed miracles and was later crucified. Pope Leo X (died 1521) called Christ a “Fable”. Later Pope Paul III expressed similar sentiments. See HOW CHRISTIANITY WAS INVENTED: THE TRUTH! here:
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Abraham, Solomon and David: Romantic Nonsense?



abrahamHistorians date Abraham’s bibilical story around 2000 B.C., based on clues in Genesis Chapters 11 through 25. Considered the first of the biblical     patriarchs, Abraham’s life history encompasses a journey starts that in a place called Ur. In Abraham’s time, Ur was one of the great city-states in Sumer, a part of the Fertile Crescent located from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq to the Nile in Egypt. Historians call this era from 3000 to 2000 B.C. “the dawn of civilization” .

It turns out that Abraham in the Bible is undoubtedly just a story.

Abraham in the Bible:  Promotion of lands surrounding and now occupied by Israel began a long time ago in the Old Testament. The Judean scribes did their writing in about 700 BCE, referring to happenings that supposedly existed  more than about a thousand years prior to when they were writing. Abraham in the Bible has al the markings of being just a made-up  story:

From the Highly Recommended book, by  W.H. Uffington,  “The Greatest Lie Ever Told”, available on Amazon here: : Continue reading

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Were There Important Whistleblowers INSIDE Religion?

 Indeed there WERE IMPORTANT Whistleblowers INSIDE Religion.

To name a few:

Arius for one who disagreed with Christ being divine, and said Christ was instead a “created being”.  (See below for more on Arius).

At the Nicene Council:

From: Did Constantine Decide What Books Belonged in the Bible?

“Constantine called the council of Nicea (which was the first general council of the Christian church, 325 A.D.) primarily because he feared that disputes within the church would cause disorder within the empire. The dispute in mind was Arianism, which was the belief that Jesus was a created being.”

At the end of the Council, the Council produced the Nicene Creed after much arm twisting and threats. Christ was made divine by a Vote! Arius was classed as a heretic. The Nicene Creed promoted the Trinity- “ – the deity of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit under one Godhead, having three co-equal and co-eternal Persona.” (ibid)  It is said that at the end very few present believed what was written (i.e. the Nicene Creed).

What did Arius believe?


“In the populous Alexandria suburb of Baucalis, a well-liked presbyter by the name of Arius began teaching in opposition to the bishop of Alexandria, Alexander. Specifically, he disagreed with Alexander’s teaching that Jesus, the Son of God, had existed eternally, being “generated” eternally by the Father. Instead, Arius insisted that “there was a time when the Son was not.” Christ must be numbered among the created beings — highly exalted, to be sure, but a creation, nonetheless. Alexander defended his position, and it was not long before Arius was declared a heretic in a local council in 321.

This did not end the matter. Arius simply moved to Palestine and began promoting his ideas there. Alexander wrote letters to the churches in the area, warning them against those he called the “Exukontians,” from a Greek phrase meaning “out of nothing.” Arius taught that the Son of God was created “out of nothing.” Arius found an audience for his teachings, and over the course of the next few years the debate became so heated that it came to the attention of Constantine, the Emperor.

Having consolidated his hold on the Empire, Constantine promoted unity in every way possible. He recognized that a schism in the Christian church would be just one more destabilizing factor in his empire, and he moved to solve the problem.4 While he had encouragement from men like Hosius, bishop of Cordova, and Eusebius of Caesarea, Constantine was the one who officially called for the council. ”

Advisor to the Pope for 17 years becomes whistleblower: Continue reading

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