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Famous Atheists/Agnostics

Famous Atheists/AgnosticsAyn Rand Ron Reagan, jr Son of President Ronald Reagan Ron Reagan undertook a different philosophical and political path from his father at an early age. At 12, he told his parents that he would not be going … Continue reading

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The webpages “Slaveholding Presidents” and “Which U.S. Presidents Owned Slaves”  provide a list of slave-holding Chief Executives: George Washington,1st President, Virginia 2) Thomas Jefferson, 3rd, Virginia 3) James Madison, 4th, Virginia 4) James Monroe, 5th, Virginia 5) Andrew Jackson, 7th, South Carolina/Tennessee 6) Martin … Continue reading

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Expectation influencing results in education: The Rosenthal and Jacobson Experiment:  Robert Rosenthal was a Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Lenore F Jacobson was principal of an elementary school in the South San Francisco Unified School District Rosenthal interests included self-fulfilling prophecies. Rosenthal and … Continue reading

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While you are here, why not investigate, without any obligation , my book “Beyond All Religion”?  You can “sample” the 152 page awesome revealing book before purchasing  (if you desire to purchase). See: A PEACEFUL WORLD AWAITS YOU BEYOND ALL RELIGION … Continue reading

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War… and the Sleeping Prophet (Edgar Cayce)

This may be suddenly timely. Could a former Russian KGB Lieutenant Colonel spy have stopped a United States Nobel Peace Prize winner from starting a catastrophic war? Edgar Cayce (“The Sleeping Prophet”)  “It will take years for it to be … Continue reading

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How the United States was Railroaded into World War One

HOW THE UNITED STATES WAS RAILROADED INTO WORLD WAR I A bunch of letters that Woodrow Wilson wrote to the wife of a Princeton professor that caused him to be blackmailed, that led to the U.S. being brought into WWI … Continue reading

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Crimes of the Popes

Beyond All Religion Book Available on Amazon.  Click here: I was surprised to find that Emperor Constantine (“The Great”),  even after murdering his wife and son, was made Saint Constantine by the Catholic Church.  After a little research (search … Continue reading

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